Jason G. Montana

Letter to Next President

Police Brutality

Dear Next President,

The thing that I would most like you to change is police brutality. I want you to change that because some not all but some act above the law and pull people over and arrest random people off the street for no reason. Some police don’t act above the law and that's how it should be. What I mean by acting above the law is treating average people like trash and pulling them to the ground for an unknown reason and arresting them for no reason. I think they mostly do it to black people as I have seen on facebook.

For example I seen this one video where this black person was pulled and beat to the ground off of his bike and arrested for riding his bike on the sidewalk. He wasn't doing anything wrong or saying anything to cops. He wasn't acting suspicious he was just riding down the sidewalk and this female police pulled him off of his bike and called for backup and he tied resisting which is what I would've done but also he was doing absolutely nothing.

I think it makes the government look bad when police act like that and arrest people for absolutely nothing. This should be changed because It makes the police look bad and it’s a terrible thing. I think it’s terrible because it's not how anyone should be treated and it is racist stereotyping for them to do it to black people for no reason and calling for backup when they try to resist arrest when they didn't do anything.

What you could do is have the police chief find crooked cops and have them fired for initializing brutality towards certain races and People doing absolutely nothing. What could help you help the chiefs of police put trackers in the cars and have anyone who sees police brutality call it in and tell them what street what building they are in or near and say the car number and have new police ready to go out on patrol and work.

All in all, this should be changed because the U.S.A is already not liked and want war to go to us because of other reasons and this is another reason the U.S.A is not liked and you could do something about it if you just try and get it handled.

Sincerely, Jason G.

Billings Public Library

TF - Billings, MT

TF - Billings, MT

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