Brandon A. Oregon

Dear Future President...

This essay is about the Safety of texting and driving and how it needs to stop. Too many teens are losing their lives over a text message. It is time to take action about this.

Dear Future President,

This problem has occurred multiple times before and it’s time to take action now.

I’m talking about texting and driving. Almost 1.6 million car crashes happen per year do to texting and driving and out of those crashes, nearly 350,000 people end up with some kind of injury. If you still need more reasoning about this subject, think about it this way: 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving. You are from New York where the traffic is always bad, but your state is the 28th worst state (Montana is ranked #1) for accidental fatalities behind the wheel of a automobile.

My question for you is, if a wireless communication device is the #1 cause for car crashes, (, Think about your children or grand-children. You can tell them, “Whatever you do, don’t text and drive,-” but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it. Ask any kid if they have done something stupid behind the wheel, and over half will say “yes.” I know I’ve done stupid things behind the wheel. All I ask is for everyone to be safe when driving. There has to be a better way to stop texting and driving. Android has helped by adding a voice to your phone when you are driving in your vehicle.

At my school this year (2016-2017), there have been three middle schoolers hit by a vehicle that was caused by texting, or distracted driving. This scares me because I have siblings that are in middle school and every time they leave school and walk home, it scares me. This needs to be dealt with so parents don't have to worry about their kid making it home from school without injury.

I hope you receive this letter soon. Please make an impact on this so this can finally stop. There are too many teen fatalities around the world, and we need to take action as a nation. Thank you for your time.