adam Wisconsin

Dear President

We don't need money for a wall, but we need money for our future

Deer Mr.President.

          I know that what I say won't change your plans of "Changing America".But Iā€™d like to raise what i think is the real problem in america, and that's the amount of poverty that is in places like Illinois,Arkansas,Mississippi and Kentucky where things are falling apart. I think that it's a big problem that it seems that no one is trying to fix,because everyone's too busy either trying to build a wall that's just going to make the situation worse, or trying to get people to "pokemon goto the poll" which is just horrible. But that's besides the fact, there's people who have to live on the street and begging for change on the side of the road,And that's right outside a place where people get of the plane for the first time in America and when the leave the airport they have people begging for money. People make assumptions of others or places fast and when they see that when they get of a plane they start thinking like "wow this place is a dump." they think that were ether RICH or poor and there's nothing in between. An they might be right seeing how those who are making millions dollars a month don't have to pay the same amount of taxes.



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