Alyssa M. Georgia

College Tuition

College tuition needs to be lowered, and you can fix it.

Dear Future President,

Today most students are required to take surveys about what is going on at school and home. A common question is: will you continue your education after high school? Majority of us would think it’s a no brainer and select yes. On the other hand there are a few students who aren’t so sure about their answer. This is because college tuition is sky high. College tuition needs to be lowered.

Today “A 30.8% of graduated high schoolers are not enrolling into college, this is as of October 2015.”, according to The main reason is the high cost. The Huffington Post says that “ Of the 30.8% of high schooler’s that don’t enroll into college, a 23% say that it is due to the high cost.”. Between 1992 and 2013 the cost for a public college nearly doubled. Unlike public schools , private schools have gone down $1,036, but spiked between 2002 and 2003. How can this be lowered?

My solution is to raise the taxes on the higher class. While some may say that the higher class will not be happy with this, at first they won’t love it, but what they pay will come right back to them. In terms of the economy you have to think of it like one big circle, what goes around comes around.. Since these students are going to college and getting an education they will be able to get higher paying jobs. This low tuition will result in a decrease in student debt. Right now the national debt is an estimated $19.3 trillion. Out of that $19.3 about $1.2 trillion is student debt, once this tax is payed we can help lower this debt. So when these taxes are raised and these students go to college, jobs are done better, then they have higher paying jobs, and they pay taxes, which will help the national debt.

So Mr./Madam president do you want students selecting “no” on those surveys? The one change you make with college could determine their future.You can change this.


Alyssa M.