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Describing ideas against abortion. Future of America, life is great, and responsibility.

 Dear future president,

        Abortion- the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is murder, and only should be allowed for extreme reasons. For example, rape and extreme poverty are both valid reasons for abortion. People need to be more responsible, and cannot erase their mistakes. If you really do not want this baby, you can give your baby to a trustworthy orphanage. 7.5 million women aged 15-44 are not able to carry a baby and would be grateful for a baby.(http://www.resolve.org/about/fast-facts-about-fertility.html)

 These babies can be the future of America, maybe the entire world! Everyone's life matters as we are constantly reminded whether it comes to skin color, or more importantly what's inside them. These babies can be political figures and historical people. For example one of the best rugby players, Carlin isles, was born so poor, that he had to eat dog food with his sister for the majority of his childhood. He became the fastest man in the league. (http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/03/sport/carlin-isles-rugby-sevens-olympics-athletics/) He is a figure to many children who want to have a future in sports. He has inspired many people including me. Even in poverty, his mother still kept the child, and the outcome was positive and forever affected the sport of rugby. 

 Everyone deserves a life. Life is the greatest gift given to anyone. Everyone is grateful for this and much live life to the fullest. You have 2 choices in life. Try your best and work hard for fun, or do nothing with your life and be sad. With abortion, you have no option and the future kid will not even have a chance. This child could be fulfilled with joy and happiness but they never can.

 With life comes responsibility. If you are not responsible you must learn from your mistake and make it right. If you believe in pro-choice, and your parents want you to get one, it doesn't make sense. Also, taking abortion pills can result in scary side effects and damages your body. When you take these pills, you are risking your own personal health, and sometimes these pills don't work. They can deform children and make their life horrible. There is a 95% chance of this pill working, but I would still not risk it. (http://www.webmd.com/sex/birth-control/plan-b#) Choose the right decision, choose life. 

I believe abortion is unfair for the future of America. Even in harsh conditions, people were still able to become successful. To the future president, please address this.

Greenwich High School

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English 113

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