Kendrick F. Alabama

Kendrick Foster Criminal Justice System

This letter explains the flaws in our criminal justice system and how they can be the start of more racism and a divided country

Dear Future President,

I am sending this letter to address the issue of racism in our criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is not fair when sentencing blacks which doesn't align with the beliefs of this country, “ that all men are created equal.”

An article in the Huffington Post written by Bill Quigley, he stated that the U.S Sentencing Commission reported that black offenders receive sentences that are 10% longer than white offenders for the same crime. This is a common problem you see in the criminal justice system and a problem that will divide our country even more if the problem is not addressed.

In a U.S News Article written by Lindsey Cook, he stated” A white perpetrator killing a black victim is usually justified 29.33%. Where as a black perpetrator killing a white victim is usually justified 2.88%.” These two facts show a significant amount of racism in our criminal justice system, which only causes anger, frustration, and division. A prime example is the George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin case where there was plenty of evidence to convict Zimmerman of the crime but he was found not guilty which started riots and division.

Not every sentence given to African Americans is unfair the criminal justice system does try to do the best they can in some situations but, the actions that could be taken to solve these problems seem simple In a situation with a black and white perpetrator committing a crime they should both get the same sentence also, the jury deciding the fate of the perpetrator shouldn't be just one race. This could affect me any many ways having to grow up and be exposed to a divided country because of this issue, even years later my kids could be affected when they have to try and understand that this is the reality of our country.

The criminal justice system does have some flaws and I believe these flaws can be cleared up if action is taken now. As a nation, The United States should stand on the beliefs given to us by our founding fathers that “all men are equal.”

Sincerely, Kendrick Foster