Jim V. Florida

College Tuition

Every student deserves to go to a good college but most can't afford it.

Dear Future President, 

My name is Jim Varona and I am currently a senior at Mourning Senior High. As expected, senior year has not been cheap having to pay for tests like the ACT or SAT or paying for senior activities that every student should be able to experience such as Homecoming, Grad Bash, Prom, and Senior breakfast.

Coming from a family that is not rich or in the high class, getting money for these events and tests is sometimes a struggle. What adds more to this struggle is that sometimes students don't get to experience these things because knowing that there families are a little tight with money, they decide to try to save the money their family has to try to pay for college and miss out on the activities high schools offer their students.

Also, many students that don't have the money to pay for college have to take out loans and finish college in debt. The worst part is that these same students can't even be completely sure that out of college they are going to find a job and be able to pay off their debt. This thought discourages a lot of very intelligent and capable students from going to college. Students should not be scared to go out into the world and make their mark but the cost of colleges and the thought of debt does just that. As our next president, I just ask that you keep the youth in our communities off the streets and into colleges that are affordable for everyone so that every student gets the same opportunity to change this world.


Jim Varona