Nelsy m. California


Immigration in America.

Dear future president,

         As you are well aware we have many problems facing our country today. And I hope the people of this country have made the right choice as to elections you to be the commander and chief of this great nation. As president I do hope you have a good solution to one topic in particular. One of the many problems facing America today would be immigration. It is a very controversial issue.

       Most people think of the United States when thinking about immigration . It is a great country full of many opportunities. But along with that it also has many different cultures and ethnicities. Sadly there are people who do not want any immigrants in this country. They will make up any crime or stereotype to make all immigrants look the same. Then they believe that all people with a certain look are immigrants. They also say that immigrants steal their jobs. But in all fairness we take the jobs no one wants so we can support our families, that we tried so hard to get here in the first place. My parents and many others in my family are immigrants to this country. They have worked hard to make it in this country. In some cases they have worked harder than some people who were actually born and raised in this country. It should not be based on race or appearance. It should truly be based on who that person is on the inside not based on that persons ethnic background. It would not be fair to everyone who has worked really hard to at least get the minimum this country has to offer.

      This problem affects all communities because all people know someone people who is not from here. We all have a reason for coming or staying in this country. There are reasons why we left our homes and our past behind us. Because we don’t want it for our future generation. It was hard enough for us to leave our countries but some people make it so difficult to stay as well. And then we come here expecting a good life only to face the fact that others don’t want to see here. If we kick him out it will show people we are not the great country we actually are. If we Send every last immigrant out that out this country would be left empty. So many families would be torn apart. If we send them back to their countries their families would be destroyed because not everyone Mary’s in to the race. Will break apart families. And in some cases children will be left in foster care and be forced to grow up without their parents. However there is an app there is an answer to this very problem. And I hope you has a president can figure it out. I don’t want this country to be unfair to people who were not born here. We would not have a good country without those who are not born here.

      It is sad that we have gotten to the point where we ate here people of different races because of stereotypes that El Chapo, ISIS, and MS13 have left upon those Who are the same race as they are. We are not all bad but we do love this country and we support it too. So you as our future president how are you going to help immigrants? Or will you see that sending us back is the only solution? The lives of many people lies in your hands now I hope that you can make the right decision.


Nelsy M.

If we are such a big part of the population, why aren't we excepted?