Jaylin G. Illinois

Give Them A Chance

Abortion Should Be Illegal.

Did you know that in one year 1.3 million unborn babies are aborted?- According to ‘Teens For Life’ Also 50 million unborn babies have been aborted since 1973 when abortion was legalized.It's only been 43 years since abortion has been legalized! If this letter does get passed to you… I hope I can get in your brain and hopefully persuade you. So another unborn baby does not die.

Experts have estimated that there are between one and two million couples that are willing to adopt. According to ‘Baby Safe Haven’ There are also safe havens all around the United States. Yes there might be circumstances to want to abort a unborn baby like- rape or even to young,

I understand if a women does get raped and gets pregnant she wouldn't want that unborn baby- but then again a women gets up to twenty week to decide whether she will abort the unborn child or keep it or even adoption, but by the time the unborn baby is twenty week- that baby is actually a BABY it's not a fetus and it's not an embryol, the unborn baby can move, open it's eyes, has fingers, has toes and can FEEL.

Right Now the law is that you can abort until a certain period (20-24 weeks),Some women actually wait until the unborn baby is actually 20 weeks why? I don't know. My question is Why wait so far along a pregnancy to abort a baby that can already feel that it's getting abandoned because that is what's happening when you abort a child not only abanding and killing but not giving it a CHANCE,- a chance to see the world a chance to say “i love you mommy” or “i love you daddy”

According to ‘World Meters’ In the United states the population is 324,118,787, just imagine what our population would be if there were no abortions. Our population would be 374,118,787 and we would be a bigger and greater union. As it says in the preamble “We the people of the United States in order to form a more PERFECT UNION”

So if you- The future president are trying to “form a more perfect union” that cannot happen if we have women in the United States aborting 155 babies each hour says ‘TFP student action’. There are 1,357,800 unborn babies being aborted every year. That’s our Union the Future Generation.

Sincerely, Jaylin G

Gurrie Middle School

3-4 LaBud ELA

3-4 LaBud ELA

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