Jet R. Illinois

Gun control

Gun control has not been effective for several years and this letter talks about the deaths in america and also compared to different countries. And hopefully the new President can make america safe and great again.

What has gun control really done?

What does control really help. Does it prevent deaths or does it cause deaths?

Gun control is made to keep the killing rate down and also to make parents of children feel safe. 68% were committed with firearms. Higher gun control laws will lower this percent. What I am trying to change is higher gun control laws to prevent more deaths in The United States of America, to make it safer for children and adults too.

Roughly 14,249 murders were committed in the United States during 2014. Of these, about 9,675 or 68% were committed with firearms. And now there are and 25,616 deaths. The laws have not been that effect from 2014 to 2016. This is what I am trying to say, pay more attention to gun control because people are getting hurt and dying every day because the President is failing in gun control, so the new President is here to change it. The Republic Korea death is extremely low because they have gun control and have no deaths and is safe for people to live there. Unlike america where we don’t have good gun control laws were people are dying from guns every day

Gun control has not been effective for several years, this letter will hopefully change this problem with the new President and what you can do is talk with the police giving them ideas of how they can increase gun control because talking to people who own guns that don’t use them correct could get you hurt.

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Sincerely Jet R