Bobbie B.

Teen Drug Abuse

In this letter to the next president, I will discuss the importance on Teen Drug Abuse.


Dear Future President,

Imagine if there was a young boy who was in his freshman year of college and one of his friends asked him to try some kind of drug but didn’t tell him what kind it was so, he tried it and after he finally got hooked to the drug his friend told him that it was heroin and what the boy family realized was that the drug destroyed the innocent boy they once knew.

I chose to focus on the topic Drug Abuse because most teens die every year from either drug abuse or overdose. In the past years, there has been more deaths from heroin than natural causes and accidents. When doctors prescribe their patient medicine, the patient doesn’t usually use it for any health reasons, instead they sale it and whoever decides to buy it they are hurting themselves mentally and physically mainly because they don’t know what they are putting in their system.

The drug heroin has increased a threat to American Youth. The number of Heroin users doubled and half of the first time users are under twenty-six years old. In the article “Addicted to Heroin”, Andrew Sullivan says, “The number of deaths caused by heroin overdose has shot up by at least 50 percent over the past decade.” At first it was young people in their twenties, now their are teenagers. The teens that are associating with these drugs and everyone around them are being affected by their mistakes by choosing to do something so life-threatening. It is so important because on a graph it shows that the U.S. has the most deaths caused by drug abuse and heroin charges. No one is really focused on the lives that are being taken by drug abuse.

Dear Next President, I know you’ve probably had more arguments on Drug Abuse from others, but this is not just a deadly weapon it’s more than that if pregnant mothers are doing it and being surrounded by drugs than its technically adding to the next generation and what it would be like in the future and the effects on the baby. In this matter there is not always a good end result to heroin and other drug abuses, but there is not a kind of medicine that can help kill the pain. After the drug abuser has went through all of the stages there is not anything that can be done because they are practically dead or rotting.   


Bobbie Brown 

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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