Delfina Connecticut

Pay Gap

79 cents to 1 dollar

Dear Future President,

As you know the pay gap is a big issue today. When I first heard about this topic I was so surprised that pay inequality is still going on to this day. I feel like by this time people would be more mature and not be prejudges.This shouldn’t even be an issue. Every person, whether female, male, black, Asian, Hispanic, should get paid equally. According to the gender pay gap was 79 cents to a dollar. This means that for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 79 cents, working the same job. It may seem like just 21 cents but in a year it takes 3 and half more months for a woman to make the same amount of money that a man makes. It is even worse for black women. A black woman would make 60 cents to a dollar. Even worse for Hispanic women, Hispanic women make 55 cents to a dollar that is almost half! SO for every year a man works a Hispanic woman has to work two. Being Hispanic and a woman it is so unfair that while working the same job as my brother I would get paid less.

I feel like everyone should be treated equal. So please, future president, make sure everyone no matter the race, color, gender be paid equal. Women should get paid as much as men.



Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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