Sergio D. Illinois



Dear future President,

Immigration is a big deal so the president has to do a good job with immigration. Something that could help is that immigrants can become citizens.That would be good for immigrants because there is a lot coming to the U.S and for them to be able to be a citizen would be really good for them.I also think that process should be easier because it is hard.This would also be good for the U.S because then they won’t have to worry about them if they are a citizen or immigrant.I have heard in the news that a lot of families are getting separated some are here in America but some are where they came from. America should allow immigrants here because a lot of them are getting separated.

“What is drawing thousands of children to America's doorstep unaccompanied by their parents, aunts, uncles or anyone else they know is hope. What is prompting their loving families to send them on perilous, expensive journeys over hundreds of miles in the hands of strange men is hope." Some evidence to support this is 90,000 unaccompanied minors.In simple terms, a flood of children has been pouring across the 1,900 mile United States border with Mexico, children who are accompanied by neither their parents.60,000, with children ranging from very young to teenagers. Parents in some Central American countries believe if their children can get to America, they will be given citizenship. Parents don't go with them because they know they will be sent back. The children will end up being scared.

America should allow immigrants here because a lot of them are getting separated.I think that this will help U.S and immigrants because the U.S won’t have to worry if they are a citizen or not and this will help immigrants because they won't have to be split up from their families.Also from this immigrants will a better life because most immigrants come here to have a better job.A solution to this problem is let be a citizen and not make families split up.