Amber B. Virginia

Sea World


To whom it may concern, 

My name is Amber Blackmon and I am a junior at Eastern View High school in Culpeper, VIrginia. 

I as a young adult want to be able to be as free and independent as possible. I want to talk about animal captivity in places such as sea world. Places such as sea world, have live performances consisting whales, and dolphins. 

I am currently enrolled in a ecology class.  I have learned a lot about the captivity of these animals. Sea world for example, has many dolphins. Do you know where they come from? they come from japan, from this place known as "the cove". The cove is a place no animal should ever have to go. Fishermen on boats ride out into the ocean and coral dolphins and herd them back to the cove. Trainers from all over the world come to the cove and pick out the dolphins that they think are the best and take them to their companies. Unfortunately not all dolphins get chosen, leaving the fishermen 'no other choice' but to sphere the dolphins and sell their meat to people all over japan. Schools in japan had no idea that their students were consuming meat from dolphins. Dolphin meat contains high levels of mercury which is harmful to humans and can be fatal. 

Eastern View High School

English 11 Standard

Ms. Licata's 4th block English 11 class.

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