Ania S. Washington


The letter ask about how are you going to keep our military safe.

Dear Hilary Clinton,

How will you be able to work with the Military? If you haven't had an experience ever working with them in person, you have only worked with their families and not them personally. How will you ever be able to take care of our Military and their families? You say you are going to take care of our military, How? there are tons of Soldiers dyeing in the wars. How do you expect to save them if say we have World War 3? In my opinion if we have a World War 3 we would have to have more Military and beware that if we do that means a lot of our Military will die in the war, then how would your plan work to take care of our U.S. Military and all of our soldiers in the Military.

Are you planning to take care of all the Military meaning the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air force and the U.S. Army? I understand that you are going to take care of all the families of the Men and Women fighting for our country. Will you be helping them out with the tough times if their loved one is serving and passes away while serving for our country? Will you be trying to get the Military home for the holidays and whenever you can get them home to see their families? Also since you are saying that U.S. will be taking care of the Veterans how will you be doing that? With the Military will you be making sure that they are there for the right reasons and they are trained right to be in the military?

You are also saying that your plan is to create a defense budget that reflects good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. How are you planning to create that defense budget? What is it really going to do to help our Military out and all of our Soldiers? Do you believe that you will be able to create the defense budget and also make it a successful thing and a thing that the government will use often? I see that this budget is very useful is your idea in this to keep it going and make it a better budget? In the years that we have had the defense budget it has cost the U.S. a total of 664.84 billion dollars. The U.S. Defense budget is for spending on “overseas contingency operations” and combining all the money for that the sum was 664.84 billion dollars. About 1,999 to 2,400 soldiers have died in the line of duty since 1980 to 2015 fighting for our country.

Sincerely, Ania Staszak