Brett B. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration

 Dear Future President,

I think we need to improve the way we go about illegal immigration. We need to do this by defending borders tighter, make better decisions about foreign policies, and help immigrants become citizens.

First, we need to improve our border patrol. Although I think we need to tighten up, building a wall will only cause even more problems. According to, there were 1.1 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. We need to get more and more border patrol to control the illegal incoming of undocumented immigrants. The many patrol officers on the U.S.-Mexico border can reduce the 52% of Mexicans that came illegally into our country. Controlling our borders can smallen the amount of so many immigrants that are coming to our country illegally.

Another way to improve the way we go about illegal immigration is to make smarter decisions about foreign policies. The better decisions we make with other countries who have many immigrants coming into our country, we can reduce and/or control how many illegal immigrants immigrate here. If we can create a foreign policy with Mexico saying that we can’t have this many people coming into our country. Also, we can create less havoc throughout our country just by making smarter decisions.

My last reason is to help immigrants on a so called “path to citizenship.” We can help most and even all of our immigrants become United States citizens. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has a good and intelligent plan to help our illegal immigrants become citizens. All of our arguments about too many illegal immigrants can be stopped by a small action of helpfulness, which is part of what our country is all about.

To help our country, economy, and the immigrants, we need to tighten up our borders, make better decision about trading, treaties, and deals with foreign countries, and help immigrants become United States citizens. If our future president can complete these tasks, our arguments, and debates can be stopped. So, no matter who becomes president, let’s make this already legendary company even better.