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Helping the Homeless

There are many homeless and they need a place to stay.

Dear President,

I know you have many things to do but thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I live in Los Angeles CA. I am writing to you because I want to let you to know about something I think we need in Los Angeles. Here you can see many homeless walking around. They don't have a home. And when it's cold they don't have a sweater or a blanket to get warm with. I think they need a place to stay. I think there should be shelters where they can stay and sleep and eat. Its doesn't have to be forever just as much time they need to get a job and get some money so they can get a place to stay and then they will be on there own.

This won't just help the homeless it would also help the community because it would make the community nicer and people won't be scared to go out at night because they think a homeless is going to do something to them even though this mostly not true. Many people think that they are homeless because they spend all their money on drugs. Maybe some of them did. But some them lost their job and ran out of money. There are many more reasons someone can be homeless.

Where I live there is always a man that on Tuesday he comes around to collect bottles so he can sell them and get a little bit of money. One day he told us his story of why he became homeless. He told that he had a job but he got fired. So he wasn't able to pay for his apartment and he got kicked out and was left on the streets. When he told us his story I felt bad. Whenever my brother sees him walk by the house he runs inside and get a dollar and gives it to him. One day he asked my brother do your parents know that you are giving me a dollar and my brother said yes. You can tell when someone really needs the money or when they don’t.

Another example is when people are in the streets asking for money. Many people they think they don't need the money they just don't want to work. But we don’t know their story how about if they actually do need the money. One day me and my parent went to the store when we got out we say a lady she was asking for money she had three kids with her she said that she didn't have a job and that she needed money to feed her kids. The car in front of us saw her and he had a plate of panda express he gave it to her. She took it and split with her kids. That's how you know someone really needs it.

These are the reasons why I think we should have shelter homes for the homeless. They don’t have to be there for a long time only enough time to get money and be able to get a place to stay. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 A / Period 2

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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