Blake M. North Dakota


Corruption in goverment

Dear, Mr. or Mrs. President

There are many problems that face the United States of America. Some of these problems are bigger than others and should be addressed immediately. A major problem I believe the next president needs to address is corruption in government.

Our government was brilliantly founded in a way that would greatly slow corruption, but corruption can not be entirely stopped forever. In every government there will always be people looking out for their own interest instead of those of the country. Today according to “Judicial Watch-Breitbart Poll: 77% of Americans Concerned about Government Corruption; Majority See it Getting Worse” at “The vast majority of Americans (77%) are “very” (52%) or “somewhat” (25%) concerned about the issue of government corruption in Washington.” There are multiple news stories about a politician receiving money right before they help the person or business that gave them money. This corruption and pay to play allows those in the government to try to make themselves wealthier before their job of helping the country and doing what is right. Pay for play would be harder if those in the high ranking government officials got punished the same way people with lower positions did. Government officials must be held to a high standard to stop corruption from over taking the brilliant government of this great nation. As our president you will be able ?to enforce laws stopping corruption.

A president has many problems to address, but a large problem of this nation is corruption in government. I hope you as the next president will do what is right and have a long and happy life.