maria w. North Dakota

Animal Abuse is Not Normal

animal abuse is not something people just do and think oh it's okay, It needs to be stopped.

Dear next president,

I think the issue on animal abuse is not talked about much anymore and is still happening every minute. I remember i once found a dog who was abused by the previous owner, when i walked up to the dog it growled at me as if i was a threat, i slowly tried to pet it, but it would hide behind objects. I was concerned on why it behaved this way i asked my best friend who’s sister is a veterinarian and she explained to me on ways to tell if the dog has been abused. She mentioned one of tips to tell were aggressive behavior and social withdrawal.

I think no animal should be touched and harmed this way, some people don’t believe they’re abusing animals when they are. An example is if you want the dog to be trained, but don’t know the correct way to do so. And then there is people who intentionally hurt animals. People who want to train their pets should go to professionals who specialize in training, and i think animals would be better off with maybe a visit to the vet to have monthly or year visits and should be registered in a database.

I believe animal abuse would definitely decrease if that were to happen, There should be a history to who all has owned the pet to keep track. Animals breathe, eat, and sleep same as humans they’re just as important. You should treat the animals as how you would like to be treated. There are many organizations and laws passed specifically for stopping animal abuse

Such as Peta,aspca, and world wildlife.

One animal abuse law is: people who are guilty of abusing animals get the same charge as if it were a human. Some tips to stop animal abuse is...Report animal abuse if you see it happening, Start a neighborhood watch, and don’t use products that are tested on animals. You could change up your diet as well and not any product from animals which is helpful for the animal and yourself.

So in conclusion next president please take this subject and look at it carefully and make tighter rules so animals and owners can be happy and no one having to live a life suffering.Animals do good they help people in so many ways i feel very passionate about animals and i believe humans or animals should not have to have harm done to them.

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 6

Mr. Thomas' 6th Hr Jr English

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