Tyson T. Georgia

A Choice For A Better Futrue

Renewable energy: the key to stopping our global warming problem.

Dear Next President,

People always say to me,” The future is what you make it.” but if we don’t do something soon, there will be no future for us to create! We need to convert our energy to renewable energy. For the safety of us and all the future generations to come, we need to change our ways.

All the pollution coming from our vehicles is slowly killing our plants. And without plants, that create oxygen that we need in order to survive and breathe, we will slowly be killing ourselves. With the growing population and decreasing amount of air for us to breathe, we will, and other life on earth that requires oxygen, will die. Another issue is that these unrenewable resources such as coal, fossil fuels, oil etc. are not infinite. Once we use all of them up, it is over for us. Fossil fuels take several thousand years to form. But once they are formed, you still have to be able to find them. We rely too heavily on these “unreliable” resources and its time we put a stop. Luckily, there is a simple and better solution to this major problem.

The answer is renewable energy! Now you might be saying,” It’s too expensive to buy and maintain.” But you would be wrong. According to the website, “Benefits of Renewable Energy Use”, yes it can be costly at sometimes, but it actually is very cheap when it comes to maintaining it. Because of this, you would save lots of money instead of importing fossil fuels. This may even slow down our national debt. And without all the harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide, this may even slow down global warming. But there is more! According to the website, "Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources." In 2011 over 75,000 jobs were given in the U.S just because of renewable energy. They also stated that there is a less chance of there being a malfunction.

As you can see there are more pros then cons when it comes to renewable energy. It’s way safer and definitely more dependable. This isn’t just for us; it’s for the next generation and all the generations to come. Would you like to live in a world full of harmful gasses? I doubt it. Then there is no reason to leave all the hard work and pain on our kids and grandkids. And if we decide to use renewable energy, maybe other countries will follow. We are one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Renewable energy is the right way to go and we all know it. This will lead to better lives for everyone and a better Earth overall. It’s time we go good; it’s time we truly go green.

Hoping for a change for the better,

Tyson T.