Ahnalyse Illinois

Women's Health Care

How will you improve and maintain proper health care for the women of America? What are the future improvements and changes you will make as president?

Dear Future President,

I am a junior in high-school. My main concern in American social issues is the improvements in women's health care. I chose women's health care because I noticed in the presidential debates it was a topic that never really got any explanation in any intentions about women's health care.

As a young lady , I would want to put women's health care more in reach for all women. What I mean by this is making women's health care more affordable and building more clinics in areas where women have to travel far for checkups , visits, etc. I  think women's health care is the most under discussed social issue because not enough people give time and energy to this social issue. 

I ask you, the future president, to consider how you can improve women's health care. Women's health care is important to me because I am a young lady who will eventually become a woman, and I would like to have proper health care. I know other women and young ladies who I'd hate to see suffer from illnesses and infections such as my sisters and friends. Proper women's health care could prevent things from happening to women through regular checkups , doctor's appointments, etc. 

In conclusion , I think women's health care benefits not only women, but also their children and men in their lives. In other words, improving women's health care could help everyone.

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