Devin D. Ohio

Too Much Debt

People are going too far into debt.

October 21, 2016

Dear Future President:

Money is a problem. People use credit cards then go in debt because they don’t know when to stop spending, then they can’t pay their bills because they're in debt. My opinion is they should have a limit to how far in debt you can go. One reason is people would be able to payback the debt and also because you would be able to pay bills and other miscellaneous things.

A lot more people been affected with money problems; people lose their jobs and then can't pay for their house or bills. Parents are impacted because they have kids and when they don’t have enough money, they can't pay for their bills and they can’t buy much for kids. Personally, I’m impacted because if my grandparents lost their job, then we could lose our house. Money problems need to change because it's hurting too many people. Also people get divorced and because of that; they wind up in debt and that is a problem. “More than half of us do it, some more than once. I can think of few things more expensive and likely to put you in debt” (Bucci). If a lot of people didn’t get divorced, then they would be dealing with money fine.

People spend more money than they can afford. Parents who have kids have no money, so they can’t pay for their kids to get anything. And then their life goes bad because they have nothing and can’t pay for anything. “You may be spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily each month and end up having to charge purchases on which you should have spent that money” (Bucci). This shows that people need to have money plans because they go so far in debt and can’t pay it back.

Some may say money isn’t a problem because if you knew how to spend your money, then you would be fine. People shouldn't waste their money on things they don’t need; they should be a little stingy with it. Although the counterclaim is understandable, some people have no control how to spend their money. They don't think they can pay it back and because of that, they have no money to pay it back. ”People use credit cards and go in debt to the point they can’t pay back no more and go bankrupt” ("Credit card debt").

Without a doubt the President could say the government needs to make a way where you could only go so much in debt, so you will be able to pay back your debt. That way, you wouldn't lose so much money and go bankrupt. Citizens could come up with a budget where you have a savings account, so you can have a cushion.

A good change would be better for the country because if people didn’t have money problems then there would be more wealth and not so much struggle and maybe they could even help other people who are struggling in the country. First, we could help money problems by having the government make it where you could only go so much in debt next we could help people who are in debt get back on there feet so they can start fresh future president how would you feel if you you were so in debt you were stressing and didn’t have enough to pay it back. Help the money problem because it state the over. Remember, according to research, "The average U.S. household with debt carries $15,675 in credit card debt and $132,158 in total debt." That is a problem! Thank you future President for taking time to read my letter.


Devin Daley 

Oak Hills High School

Biser's 4th bell (English III)

10th & 11th grade students in 4th bell

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