Tiffany L. Georgia

Global Warming

Global Warming is a big issue to our environment, health, and animals.

Dear Future President,

    Global Warming is gradually changing our environment in the U.S. Global Warming affect not just the polar bears in the North Pole, but humans too. It has begun to affect our families. The environment around us will change and people’s health will be affected. It is important to me that you stop Global Warming because it will affect me and my family’s health. Global Warming can be stopped if the governments do something about it.

    Global Warming will affect our environment in many ways. It can melt all of the ice caps in the North Pole, and the sea level will rise, which means some of the species in the Ocean will be extinct. An example of this would be the U.S. Army base in Greenland. The base was abandoned decades ago and as the ice melts, the radioactive wastes could be exposed. According to the Article “A radioactive Cold War military base will soon emerge form Greenland’s melting ice” by Ben Panko : “When the ice form Greenland melts , an estimated 9,200 tons of physical materials and 53,00 gallons of diesel fuel could be exposed and carried toward the ocean by melt water.” We need to stop this from happening! This would be an environmental disaster! The animals will be affected!

    Our health is directly affected by our environment so if our environment is not good, our health will not be good. As the temperature rises, the weather will become hotter. The hotter it gets the more people that will be sick and more wild fires will also occur. This is a big issue to people with Asthma. Global Warming can worsen Asthma by the heat and dirty air. We cannot let the next generation of kids go to the hospital every single day because of Asthma.

    Global Warming can also make the air dirtier, water more contaminated and food more tainted. Some of our food supplies are already contaminated. It can’t be more contaminated or else we won’t have all the nutrition that we need for everyday health and we’ll eventually get sick. Water is the most important nutrient that we need to survive. If the water we drink in the future is contaminated, we might have a higher chance of death.

    Do you want to live in an environment, eat food that is contaminated, and drink water that is dirty? No I do not, will probably be your answer. At least that’s what I thought. We can prevent this from happening by creating less Greenhouse Gases. Instead of buying cars that are fuel-powered and releases gases everywhere, we can just use more public transportation. The government can create fewer factories that produce smoke and gases. We can also plant more trees that produce more oxygen and to reduce carbon dioxide that’s in the atmosphere.

    Global Warming can be stopped if the governments do something about it. We don’t want our environment, health, and animals to be affected by Global Warming. It is not just the United States that is affected, it’s the whole world. We can help save our lives, our families’ lives, and others’ lives by stopping Global Warming.


                                                                                                                                                  Tiffany L.