Louis F. Utah

Gender Inequality and the Next Four Years

Asking our nation's future president to take affirmative action on the gender gap in the next four years.

Dear Madame/Mr. President,

The issue of gender inequality is rampant in our country today, and surely needs to be addressed in your presidential term. Now I think this is not an issue that can merely be addressed with policy changes. According to the WHO, 30% of women who have been in relationships have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence at the hands of their partner. The root of the problem is social, with many people in our country thinking that men simply have better chances at things than women. This is a chain reaction, going from generation to generation. This results in lowered self esteem in women, a sense of inferiority, a wage gap, persecution, harassment, you name it. The main solution to this problem lies in how we raise our future generations.

In order to change how our society views the difference in genders, we need to change how people think. Granted, this is easier said than done. Solutions to this problem lie in lessons in schools, dinner table chats at home, and the like. We must prove to America that there is no fundamental difference between men and women other than the presence/absence of an X chromosome. As President of the United States, you set the paramount example for how we should live and interact with each other. I implore you to be a model of gender equality, and talk about it often. We truly don’t discuss the subject enough, and that is part of the problem as well. Many people are ashamed of our world’s history of putting women on a lower bar than men, and it shows. We must have open discussion about how to integrate appreciation for everybody, and strike away the inherent sense of male superiority that exists in our country today.

A patriarchy is not a welcoming environment, and we should be ashamed to say we live in one. We may lie to ourselves and say women have equal standing as men in 2016, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to bring about true gender inequality, you must show our country that this issue matters, and promote gender equality in all you do as our commander in chief.


Louis Fisher

Judge Memorial

Judge Memorial-Jeffreys

Students enrolled in AP English Language and Composition at Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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