Tayvin California


Free education

Dear President

For whoever becomes president I would like you to know my hope is that when I get older and look for colleges that there is an option for free colleges. And that we will not have to stress about student loans. The prices to attend colleges continue to rise and will keep rising. Students whose families that don't make as much money are underprivileged. By saying that all students have an equal chance of getting into a good college is lie that continues to be spread.

If my parents don't make as much money as the people across the street that student can pay for tutors and other extra things to boost his academics. Or if not getting a scholarship can fall back on his parents to pay for college. For other students there only chance is going to a public college and still being left in debt. Or striving to get a scholarship to a big university still even if accepted left in thousands of dollars in debt.

Also the chances of getting into Stanford or other big colleges is very,very low. If you are not one of the very low percentage of people that get into a big college.Then you need to have an option to continue school for free.



Campbell Middle School

Ms. Caudle's Class

Ms. Caudle's eighth grade classes at Campbell Middle School

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