Jackson R. Utah

America: A country of Compromise

I believe the leader of our country should lead an effort to reunite our polarized and broken political system.

Dear Future President,

My biggest concern for our country in the coming years is increasing bipartisanship in Congress. Years of political polarization have resulted in what many consider the downfall of two-party systems, gridlock in Congress. 

In 2013 there was a 16-day gap in federal funding after Congress failed to reach an agreement on a budget. While many blamed the shutdown on the president or pointed fingers across the aisle the shutdown was primarily due to the lack of compromise. While Congress has certainly become much more polarized as parties have become homogeneous, I believe it is the duty of the president to be a voice of compromise. 

Look at some of the great leaders in our history. Lincoln, assumed the presidency midst the secession of the South, yet through compromise and leadership brought the country back together. Franklin D. Roosevelt assumed the country during the Great Depression, and even with a rising opposition managed to force the New Deal and the Square Deal through Congress for he was convinced it was the right thing to do for this country. 

So I ask you; future president will your legacy be one of someone who towed party lines or a legacy of someone who put the american people first through compromise.