Ethan D. Georgia

Death Penalties for the Innocent ?

Rules regarding the death penalty need revision.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

On August 20, 1982, 1058 prisoners were on death row; 42 percent was black, If you didn’t know about 12 percent of the us is black. Those who receive death penalties still tend to be poor, poorly educated and represented by public defenders or court appointed lawyers. They are not the wealthy murderers of Perry Mason or Agatha Christie fame. I think this is causing many problems. Sometimes people are getting accused when they didn’t even do the crime and they get a death penalty, i think the president should recommend a law to the government that death penalties should allowed only when they know 100% that they actually did the crime.

Some people think that death penalties shouldn’t be allowed because of religious reasons. Cain the first murderer killed a shepherd named Abel. Cain was a farmer and Abel was a Shepherd. When they sacrificed to god Cain, he favored Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s. People think that Cain was not executed but marked with a special sign and made a wanderer upon the face.1 God expelled Cain, but made his punishment easier after Cain complained that his punishment was too difficult to bear. Cain was the first one to be born but Abel was the first to die.

People may think “they do death penalties to people who accused a crime.” But what they didn’t know sometimes they don’t have full proof of the suspect doing the crime. I think they should have full evidence and that they should not make death penalties because they think someone did it. They should make the time reasonable death penalties not just because someone is black or white. In some occasions they don’t have full evidence of they suspect and they won’t have a remedy after the death penalty happens.

Some people deserve to live, guilty or not but the court does not believe that. They did one wrong thing and they don’t get a second chance. Some people can change as life goes on. If they did a bad crime put them in prison for life they don’t need a death penalty they have a family and a life to live for. Let's make a change and get rid of death penalties.


Ethan Douangsouri

Creekland Middle School

Mrs. Demos's Classes

We are 8th grade language arts students from Creekland Middle School in Lawrenceville, GA.

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