Justin O. California

Equality for all

I have multiple issues about making sure everyone having equal rights in America.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing to inform you that Americans should be treated equally People may be different, but they’re still human and have the same rights as everyone else does. Their gender, race, or sexuality don’t matter because they are not choices. People are born this way. I may not be gay, transgender, female or black but I speak for everyone when I say that we as Americans, deserve the same rights.

Sure people may be different because of their race, gender, or sexuality, but that doesn’t matter because they are born as who they are. Sure I may not be female, gay, black, or transgender, but I’m pretty sure I speak for all Americans when I say we deserve the same rights. We all deserve respect, like for example,’’Racism by Nicholas D.’’ she says she’s been called several names and looked down upon it, and then she said and I quote from her letter to you “racism was very well still alive in

Another issue I would like address is gay and transgender criticism. I think sexuality or gender shouldn’t matter in an accepting society like ours. We should tell them who to marry to or to stay the same gender because that’s how they were born and we shouldn’t criticise their life choices. I think homosexual people should get the same rights as hetrosexual people do. I also think transgender make their own choice between male or female because to me it doesn’t matter.

The last issue I wanted to talk to you about is feminism. I respect women and I personally think we are equal. Feminism affects women everywhere and I think you should change it. For example, in the letter “Pro Feminism by Chloe,” it states,“some even believe women should be below men.” I disagree with this statement and I strongly respect chloe’s letter about feminism and I hope you give us all equal rights.

In conclusion, I hope that you as the president of the United States makes a change to fix these issues. I speak for everyone when I say that we as Americans deserve the same rights as everyone else. I want to someday live in a world of equality and peace. It doesn’t matter how different you are because we are still humans, and not just humans, but American people, and I want everyone to have the same rights as we do. I speak for black, gay, transgender, female, when I say we may be different, but we’re still Americans.

Sincerely, Justin Ordonio

Bernal Intermediate

The Freshest Class

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