Sofi B. California


Homelessness needs to Stop now here are are some solution to this problem.

Dear Future President,

I believe that homelessness is a big problem. I think this because when you are homeless the you don't have enough food you don't have clean close and most importantly you can not get the right help like at the doctor and stuff.

I want to make homelessness stop because there are over have a million people that are homeless and over 600,000 homeless on any given night in the united states and only 60% of homeless are in shelters.

Another thing that is a big problem is that One in five homeless people suffers from untreated severe mental illness. While about 6 percent of the general homeless population suffers from severe mental illness, 20 to 25 percent of the homeless suffer from severe mental illness.Another thing is that more than a quarter of homeless are children.On any given night, over 138,000 of the homeless in the U.S. are children under the age of 18 Thousands of these homeless children are unaccompanied.

How Can You End Homelessness?

Some things that you can do build more Shelters because they provide beds and roofs to people who don’t have them, especially on cold and rainy nights where sleeping outside could be fatal for some.

Affordable housing would be a longer-term solution.This is because if more people can afford housing, they won’t be homeless.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Conclusion In conclusion I believe that homelessness is a big problem that building more shelters will decrease the amount.

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