D. Rhoads Missouri

Affordable Health Care

We deserve available, affordable health care.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

I’ve been asked where I would like to see change in the world. A problem I would like to fix or change. And a million and two things rush through my head. I don’t want people starving, homeless, or abused. I don’t want a crooked legal system who let guilty men go free. But one that has affected me personally along with many other families is affordable health care.

People everyday need medical attention but do not receive it simply because they cannot afford insurance, therefore cannot pay the medical bills. This issue had never crossed my mind much until it affected my family personally. Three years ago my father had a major heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital where he then had stents put in his heart. With all the worry that my father may had not made it, no one thought about the medical bills quietly piling up. These bills will follow my father for the rest of his life. Without affordable health care to help or even take care of these bills, he cannot cover the needs of his six children, pay house bills and make sure there is food to eat while paying these. He is now on multiple medications and those cost enough alone.

The article “You Only Think You’re Covered” states that thirty percent of privately insured Americans have received a surprise medical bill in the past two years, with the health plan paying less than expected. Sixty four percent took action to resolve the bill only twenty eight percent were satisfied with how the issue was resolved. Thirty five percent did not take action, of those forty two percent’s most popular reason was because “it wouldn’t make a difference” It also states “For many americans, health care is the single biggest annual expense. Last year alone, the average family of four covered by a typical employer sponsored health plan spent $10,473 in premiums and other out-of-pocket costs, according to the nonpartisan research organization the Milliman Medical Index. That’s almost twenty percent of the median American family’s annual income of $53,000. ” A recent Consumer Reports found that forty one percent of families in Georgia alone had received a surprised bill, and industry experts say the problem is getting worse.

People are not getting the proper care they need. Children without the proper medication, older people suffering from many things they cannot afford to see a doctor for. Aren't we supposed to take care of our people? Many people I personally know are affected by this issue.I understand we have many problems to take care of but having affordable health care available to every US citizen is a great step in the positive direction.


D. Rhoads