Joselyn S.

Child Hunger

Hungry? There are kids starving.

Child Hunger

Dear Mr President Elect,

There is a big problem that many kids are facing, and affecting them right now as you read this letter, and that problem is child hunger. On empty stomachs children tend to develop slower mentally and physically. In the article feeding america it states that 13.1 million children lived in food-insecure households in 2015. That is sad that so many kids have to deal with this issue. Children all around the world are suffering from this issue, in the article feeding america it says “On empty stomachs, kids don’t have the energy to focus, engage, learn and grow.” when on an empty stomach you can also be very tired, which does not help learning or growing if you are tired. It breaks my heart knowin that The main causes of this problem is people waste food, they throw away food like it’s nothing when little do they know that last bite could’ve been so pleasing to a kid out there suffering. Lots of people suffer from hunger not only kids but also adults, but kids are the ones that suffer the most. The children are not fully developed and are still growing, and learning and to grow they need all the nutrients they can get, but when they lack that nutrients it does not help them grow and develop.

There are some solutions to this issue that can help lots of children and it is lowering food prices and providing for the children. If we were to cut down the cost of food it would probably help out way more because usually kids suffer from child hunger because they are poor and can not afford the food, so lowering the cost would make a huge impact. Also helping provide for the kids, by fundraising, getting the word out more, donating food, but also start small and do not waste food. To sum up i really think that child hunger is a worldwide problem that if we all come together can help end child hunger and help kids develop and grown like they should and to become healthy.