Kylie California


Immigration should be reasonable in order to protect our country.

Dear Future President: 

On the concept of immigration I feel that it should reasonable to let people into the US. I feel that it shouldn’t be easy or hard to get into the United States. In my opinion if I were an immigrant I would want to come to the US because of all the opportunities we have here rather than other countries. I also feel that many immigrants work very hard to come to the United States and other immigrants can come in with an open gate. It is too easy to come to the US and many immigrants go through a lot to come here while others come in easily. 

Borders should be stronger; we need strong borders to support our country. I don’t feel the need to banish immigrants but to make it reasonable to come to the US. I think many things coming into the US is strictly scary for Americans and it is easy to bring things in. America should be appreciating Americans more than the immigrants entering daily. I do not feel we need the concept of open borders because that can be very dangerous for our country. We should make the concept of immigration reasonable but only to a point.

Kylie Mercurio