Hebron Washington

paying tutors to help struggling students

i think that tutors should get payed by schools to help students who are struggling in school because tutors are really helpful.

Dear Mr.president

My name is Hebron B. and I am a freshman in high school. I would like to talk to you about my topic which is people who need to stay after school to fix grades or study for a test need tutors to help them. After school, the kids need extra help with their school work, this is a common problem nationwide across our nation. I have a question for you Mr.president, what type of funding exist to pay for after school tutoring? My thesis is that people who need tutors, the school need to pay the tutors in order for the tutors who want to help the struggling students.

I need to tell you something important Mr.president. I like to bring your attention to this article. State budgets are paying less to public education which means the resources for extra help are smaller. As a result of people not wanting to pay taxes, so the state government have less money

http://www.cbpp.org/research/state-budget-and-tax/most-states-have-cut-school-funding-and-some-continue-cutting M ost states provide less support per student for elementary and secondary schools — in some cases, much less — than before the Great Recession, our survey of state budget documents over the last three months finds.

Every student should be able to get extra help if they need it. If the student needs to help with something, then the tutors will help, they will help you until you get your grades up and i think they will help the students succeed in school.

The new president can help this problem. The president could help because he could pay for the school in order for the students to do good in school and go off to college and get a good job

I care a lot about students education and i hope you understand that student need to succeed in school every single day.

Sincerely, Hebron