Dulce C. Missouri

"Stop Alcohol from Abusing Families!"

Some families are affect by alcohol related abuse.

Dear Future President,

One day I hope to meet the new Mr/Mrs president. Some families are affect by alcohol related abuse. When someone in your family is addict to alcohol and they can’t control themselves they start to hit people or they start to act different. I know some people that have been effect by alcohol addiction and abuse. What makes me think this is, all families suffer of a lost, a divorce, an abusive relationship in the family, a family member that is addict to alcohol. When my friend Jose started drinking alcohol it started to affect his brain and body.

Addiction to alcohol may be a problem in the family but it doesn’t matter who uses it or doesn’t the whole family still suffers. According to, "googles info-graphics" 80% of girls that had been abuse are still dating their abuser. 90% of the children out there are abuse by their own parents. 25% of the teens out there are more likely to experience teen pregnancy. There is 15% of the men at high risk drinking alcohol. There is 12% of the women at high risk drinking. 22% of the people out there who have committed suicide were legally drunk when they died. There is 20% of suicides that involve alcohol problems.The next new Mr/Mrs president should focus on America and make it a better place again. Thank you for taking your time reading my essay. 


        Dulce C.

Frontier STEM High School


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