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People come to the United States for better lives. Better everything. Deportation will make everything worse.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on being elected as president of the United States of America. You have taken on a powerful and tough job, and I am glad that you did. Yet, I still cannot call our country great because we face many issues. I know that all of the problems we face are not going to be easy to resolve, but I hope that you will try your hardest to find good solutions to these problems. Something I really want you to solve is deportation. I am absolutely against deportation and it is something that should be stopped.

Although, deportation makes our country less populated, it breaks families. I remember when my father was deported. It is not something to be proud about and I was devastated. To me, my father was an amazing man that I loved very much. I was only allowed to visit him on the weekends and it had suddenly stopped. Apparently, he started getting into trouble with the law so much, that he was eventually deported. Picture this, being ten years old and not being able to see one of your parents again. Most children would be devastated and so was my brother and I. Even though he caused some trouble, deporting him was too extreme. Sure, it is great to talk to him on the phone, but having him back in the United States would be so much better. I loathe deportation and I do not want other families to have the same experience I had. 

Immigrants come to the United States for better lives, not to be deported. According to the Pew Research Center, ever since President Obama took office, he has deported more than two million immigrants. The amount of people deported may not seem like a lot of people but it really does matter. According to Global Citizen, people migrate because they want to have better opportunities for them, their children, and for jobs. Deporting them ruins these chances of attaining better lives. I believe that people migrate for better lives, better opportunities, and better jobs. I know that opinions are not as good as facts, but it is really true. 

So, are you planning to continue deportation? Stopping it will create more peace in our country, we don't have to deal with more conflict than we need. Help save people from broken families, lost opportunities, and destroyed dreams.



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