Charlie B.

Re-uniting America

This letter talks about racism and what we can do to end it together to re-unite America as one people again.

Dear Mr. President,

We live in a nation plagued by racism. Racism has been a major problem all throughout history. The outcomes of racism have shown themselves in many different ways throughout history and on many different occasions such as war in World War II, slavery in America’s early years, and segregation throughout American history. The outcome of racism will be way worse this time around if we don’t act now. This is why America needs to resolve the continuous problem of racism affecting minorities. Some of these outcomes are already coming into effect throughout America, even resulting in death. This is why we need to act now before this problem gets bigger, not in a little bit, not in a couple of months, NOW, before any of this gets worse. We need to unify our nation by seeing the outlook on our country from a different perspective and by asking ourselves if we have ever said or done anything that hurt someone’s feelings because of their race. If so, apologize to that person to mend the tension. Apologizing is a simple way to start mending relationships with others.

As stated on Google, “Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” 72.4 percent of America is white, 12.6 percent of Americans are black or African American, and 15 percent are listed as other minorities. People might seem racist for many different reasons, like an act of ignorance, or as an instinctive reaction of fear toward another person because of the color of one’s skin. The effect of this may result in destroying one’s self-esteem, increasing tensions between others, and creating divisions in society.

Racism has been a humongous problem in the past and throughout history but it is at its worst now. CNN took a poll with random people across the nation and 49% of present day Americans are more likely to consider racism as a bigger problem today than 20 years ago. Just four years ago, the same poll was taken and only 28% of Americans said the same thing. The statistics show that the problem we call racism has greatly increased over the past four years.

Another issue that most people have in America is not being able to put themselves in other people’s shoes. There are many different perspectives, outlooks, and nationalities in our nation. Many people from other countries wish to live in the United States. People look to America as beacon of hope, a place where everyone can be free and treated equally, but lately those characteristics that our country holds so dearly seems to be slipping through its fingers. America’s founding fathers created our country for everyone to be free and equal no matter their religion or the shade of their skin. Our country hasn’t lived up to these traits lately and we need to right our wrongs with the people whose feelings we have hurt.

Mr President, I need you most, out of all the people in the nation, to take action because you are our nation’s leader. When leaders act and do good deeds, others will follow in your footsteps. You have already made history with the debates we had this year, so why don’t you do it again by unifying our nation. To others reading this, you have the power to make a difference as well. Ordinary people have the power to do extraordinary things. If our goal as Americans is to make America great again, then go do it. You have the power to make a change. Use it wisely.

-Charlie Baird