Camrin T. Wisconsin

LGBT+ Rights

LGBT people need more rights in the United States for protection.

Dear President,

The LGBT community has attained certain right as of recent years, but they could use more for legal protection. Some rights that they already have include; marriage, adoption, criminalization of hate crimes, and a couple more. However, things like conversion therapy and disowning a child are still relevant today. Personally, I've been fortunate enough to attain support and feel comfortable with myself. But I know other LGBT people still fear humiliation and ridicule because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Candidates have stated that they will help fight against things like this and I hope that they stick to their word. It is stated in our civil rights that "sexual orientation is not a protected characteristic under current federal civil rights law". This means that millions of people like me are not fully protected against acts of hate or violence. This means that millions of people may continue to live in fear of ridicule, rejection, and humiliation.

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