Nicolas B. Florida

Gun Control

Dear President, I’m a local resident here in Miami, Florida and I have major concern and complaints towards gun safety and gun control. As most U.S citizens know of the massive gun massacres that went on U.S soil such as the Orlando shooting, the Columbine Massacre, and Sandy Hook shooting were all terrible events that shifted many policies in gun laws and control, but we continue to have these problems. Now, I’m not saying we should eliminate guns entirely, but there isn’t a need for a regular pedestrian to get their hands onto military/militia grade ammunition such as 5.56 or 7.62 or even .223. All these gun and caliber variations for what, to mow down crowds of innocent lives and people? People should have the right to defend themselves from potential life threatening incidents/events but it isn’t necessary to use calibers that can inflict an enormous amount of damage to people like the ability for a bullet to pierce through walls. There should be major restrictions on what firearms should be accessible into the U.S. An 9mm or .45 is enough to stop an intruder that’s breaking and entering a house or robbing a store. People shouldn’t have easy or potential access on such immense amount of firepower that can even exceed over law enforcement. There should also be reports and/or document check-ups on the individuals’ health and social prospects to avoid any chance of having a potential lunatic acquiring such weaponry. People should have the right to bear arms but at this point it’s being abused by the people for the tragic events that continue in U.S soil. We can’t entirely prevent these events from happening, but we can hinder criminals from doing so and cause less of these massacres from happening. For the safety of the people and children and families, please make the U.S a better and safer place. Thank you for considering this matter. Sincerely, Nicolas F. Bello

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