Kendra L. Wisconsin

The Positives of Pro-Choice Abortion

Although some people believe in pro-life, that's not always best for the mother and the child developing.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is a very sensitive topic, but I feel very strongly about pro-choice abortions.

At 18 days old, the fetuses heart begins to beat. But this does not mean the fetus can feel pain. While in the womb, the fetus is not able to feel pain until about 13 to 20 weeks. Legal abortions after this are restricted to be performed by state laws. The access to legal, professionally performed abortions reduces the risks of death for women caused by illegal, unsafe abortions performed. Before abortions were legalized in 1973, women would attempt to perform abortions by using coat hangers, knitting needles, radiator flush, or going to unsafe "back-valley" abortionists. In 2004, the World Health Organization said unsafe abortions cause about 68,000 maternal deaths each year. The numbers will continue to grow if abortion is made illegal. In history all around the world, women have tried to end their unintended pregnancies whether abortion is legal or not. The death rate for abortions performed today is 0.6 per 100,000. That's a very small amount according to the World Health Organization. In 1970, One in four abortions in the US took place at or before 13 weeks. In 2009, almost 92% or abortions were performed in the first trimester and 64% were performed at under 8 weeks. 7% of abortions are performed between 14 and 20 weeks; only 1.3% of abortions were performed at more than 21 weeks. Nearly half of abortions all over the world are performed illegally, which is not good for the woman carrying the child. Many complications could happen that could permanently affect her. Abortions also reduce the population increase. The United Nations said that by 2050, the world's population will increase to 9.3 billion people. Malnutrition, starvation, lack of medical and educational services, poverty, pollution, conflict over resources, and underdevelopment are all consequences of overpopulation.

All in all, I believe abortion should continue to stay legal. If it is not, there will be more maternal deaths because of complications or unsafe ways of aborting the fetus.


Kendra L.