Victor G. California

Immigration Reform

Immigrants are not treated right in the United States.

Dear Mr. Future President:

You have been elected to be our president of the United States. And congratulations for your victory sir, but also an apology, as you are about to have to deal with a lot of crap. What is it that makes this country so great and terrible at the same time, it is that people are or have that mentality that illegals (Mexicans or Latinos) are the bad guys when entering the United States and having to work for less money and excluding Americans that same job, why you might say, it is because we (Mexicans) work for less and who do you see picking fruit or garbage, cleaning houses, etc. its us (Mexicans) not the Whites or Asians. With bad workplace conditions to start with and if there's an accident nothing is reported. The American worker wants a decent pay and a better work environment. So who will the manager hire the worker that will work for less or the worker that wants that same job but a bit more money, he or she will choose the worker that costs less. Also, the other thing is that Americans think that we (Mexicans) bring drugs, guns,etc( other crimes)but there's a bad apples in the tree that spoil the rest of the apples. But let me tell you something from the past or the present. Not just the mexicans it's the asians, europeans, americans, every race that participate in these crimes against innocent people. But sometimes we (the American public) hear it, see it, witness it that people (social media, news) that talk about these other races that commit crimes, but what we hear the most is or are the mexicans or the latinos. Another thing just to point out the obvious this whole country started out with immigrants from the other side of the world ( asia, europe, middle east, etc) but you hear the most chatter of mexicans this and that, we are the criminals just because we want that piece of the American Dream to better our lives, better pay, less corruption rather than Mexico or South America, future for our children to have justice, liberty, freedom. So the last thing that I ask of you Mr. president is that you think very hard of what is your choice give us the Immigration Reform or deny it to us.