Kevin California

Gun Control

Gun control is not needed; instead, we need education.

Dear future President of America,

For the longest time, law abiding citizens have been able to have guns. These days many people are saying that no citizen should have the right to hold firearms, which is completely ridiculous. The main reason why we have the undeniable right to have a gun is because we have the right to protection.

Of course, deaths have occurred because of guns, but it’s the 12th leading cause of deaths in America, which is believed to be around 1.3% or around 464,033 deaths. Compare that to all the other causes such as Heart Disease (around 9,691,733 deaths), or even traffic accidents (around 594,280 deaths). Gun control is exaggerated a bit much for the amount of deaths in America that have been caused by firearms.

The final argument I’m going to make in this is the fact that gun control is not needed. Instead, education about guns is needed. Children of almost any age around a gun have a chance to be shot, whether it’s on purpose or not. If we teach kids and other people that don’t know much on guns, I believe that the rate of deaths will go down.