Harleen G. California

LGBT Rights; The right to be able to choose how to live.

No one has the right to change or attempt to change anyone's sexuality. The next step that will lead our country to progress to new heights is by bringing justice to the LGBT community.

Dear Future President,

A person cannot decide at birth who they want to love. It is dependent on the way they perceive the world and themselves. To be able to determine one's sexuality at a young age is no easy task. However, for the majority of the population to assume someone's sexuality cannot be considered acceptable. It is upsetting knowing that we live in America living the American dream, however equality has still not fully reigned.

We are often told to be as normal as possible. What is normal? Why is being normal the ticket to be accepted to society? All 50 states cannot deny same sex marriages, but that does not mean they are not against it. As the Supreme Court made the right prevalent in all 50 states, discrimination against them did not go away. The highest suicide rates are from the LGBT community due to being bullied in society for being different. According to the Trevor project, suicides attempts by LGBT youths who were rejected for their sexuality by their families is 8.4 times likely than people who are accepted. It is not that families do not love their kids, however they are constantly afraid of being embarrassed in front of society. If there is not an incitation of change though, this stigma can not be broken. The rules of society can always be amended, however the life lost to it in the fear of looking bad cannot be revived.

The Orlando shootings were one of the most cruelest killings in the U.S. People at the club that night were at a place they thought they belonged to just as many of us go to church thinking we belong there. They were shot for being different and taking a chance against the world to live a life they thought was right for them. It is said that the shooter killed them because the people in the club were violating religion. Religious beliefs are in their own place, however once my friend said something to me that I will never forget. She said that in her religion it is not acceptable to love someone of the same gender or change genders, but it also says that we must accept everyone for who they are. It not our decision to tell someone to become straight again. Due to this discrimination, many do not come out as being part of the LGBT community as they are insecure. They are well aware that they will not be able to be accepted by everyone due to being different. Now, we need to take a minute to understand how that feels. Imagine not being able to tell anyone a huge secret that may affect someone’s perspective about you. Maybe after this secret is out, many people might form judgements about you making you feel like an outsider. Many do not think this is a big deal however it is equivalent to being inside a dark room with nobody else and no way of getting out.

Religion or conservative teachings are not the problem. The problem is our mentality and ability to judge. Everyone is entitled to live their life the way they want. I have never heard a gay man tell a straight man to not be straight. I have never seen anyone in the LGBT community force their sexuality on anyone. It is not up to us to tell others how to live their life. This is why we must bring awareness to this issue. The majority of the people trying to bring awareness are the LGBT community themselves. However, if a heavy emphasis on this topic is placed many will step up and take action being both straight and from the LGBT community. Unity will bring justice to the people being ignored and oppressed for simply living their lives.

My request is that when you start your term as our next president, we look into the problems faced by the LGBT community. To make progress in a country like the Unites States is a very well known thing to do. If we establish equality for people that want to decide their sexuality it will do nothing, but bring our country further success.