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Education: Changing the school day

Schools should start later in the morning to empower students to be more successful.

Dear Future President,

Not everyone takes the young voices seriously it's about time we do.  Voice matters what people have to say and what they think, it should matter.  There are new findings from health researchers about the consequences that can be caused to teens because of school starting too early.  For this reason, schools should start later.  This  idea matters, even if it seems small,  it's impacting more than you think.  It's important to me that kids get a voice in what happens to them, and what they want and do not want to do.  Health is relevant when it comes to school hours, as well as sleep , and whether they have time to do what they need to do to be successful.

To start off, going back a couple of years when a report was filed saying less than 18 percent of students admitted that they don't get enough sleep on school days.  28 percent of kids have fallen asleep in class. Early hours of having to get up has caused a lot of distractions in the students lives. Not getting enough sleep is impacting their student duties.  The amount of sleep students get ranges from 6 to 7 hours on school nights. This causes loss of memory.  If you don't sleep, your brain doesn't get rest, and it can't recharge and gain info.You cant remember what you learned quite well if your brain hasn't rested.

Youngsters could use more free time.  Being late everywhere is not what you want. Then, the bus gets to your house at seven thirty or even earlier you don't have time to shower and eat and get well prepared for the day. Yes, students can get breakfast at school, but do they really have time to eat it before classes begin?  More than half the students are involved in before and after school clubs and activities, in addition to having to schedule time to study and homework. School starting later gives students more free time. You get a better flexible schedule this is both benefit to teachers and students.

In addition, students are more alert later in the morning. This means according to research during 7-10 am our brains are still sending sleeping signals.  Furthermore, if they are tired their focus will be on getting sleep not work done.

Additionally, an interesting 2010 study revealed that teens who go to bed after midnight are more likely to suffer from depression than those who sleep before 10.   Obviously, they can't control it considering the phase delay that's caused by puberty.

Equally important, overtired and overworked teens eat more fat foods .In a piece of data it says when kids sleep less they eat more junk food than teens who sleep well.

To conclude, I know you as the president care about the health of our nation, specifically the young nation. I would like you to consider school beginning later  for the health and capability of the young nation is in your hands.

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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