Aisha O. Georgia

Equal Rights

People aren't being treated equally because of their race, religion,or sexuality.

Dear Future President,

People all around the world are discriminated against every day. We are judged because of the way we look, our age, our gender, or for just being ourselves. Some of the biggest problems in the world exist because of inequality. The world would be a much better place if we treated everyone how we want to be treated. We were all made to be different, so why do we judge each other because of our diversity? Humans aren’t being treated equally because of their race, religion, or sexuality.

Racism is a huge problem in the world; especially in the United States. Most of the time, people don’t think they’re being racist but they certainly are. For example, police brutality is a major part of racism. Some officers pull over a person while they’re driving. Sometimes they can arrest, or even kill them just because of their race. This is known as racial profiling and it needs to stop. There are horrible effects of racism. The families of Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, and many more are devastated that they lost their loved ones just because of the color of their skin. Humans were not all made to be white, black, Hispanic, etc. Ethnicity is not all the same, or else the word wouldn’t exist. Anti-racism is extremely important and necessary for America. How would you feel if you came home one day to hear that you lost a family member because of their race? It would make you angry, just like it would make everyone else. We Americans need to do something about it. But first, it starts with you. Future President, you have enough power to stop racism. You can encourage others not to care about the way people look. You can create laws and regulations to stop racism in America.

The LGBTQ+ community is one of the most targeted and discriminated groups in the world. Some people are terrified of being known as LGBTQ+ because they know what will happen if people find out and they don’t want to experience the horrible treatment they know they will get. The LGBTQ+ community is more likely to experience bullying, depression, and even suicide more than anyone else. Gay teens also have a higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse. They experience pain trying to love someone, when love should be the most beautiful thing in the world. Some LGBTQ+ teens are forced to go to “gay conversion therapy” to change their sexuality to straight. Can you imagine being forced to love someone, when you really love someone else? That is one of the most painful things to go through, and no one should have to go through it any longer. There is a massive amount of gay people in the world; however there are many people against it. Most people are against LGBTQ+ because of religious purposes. Christianity is a big example. I am a Christian, and I fully support the LGBTQ+ community. In my opinion, it is the selfish, cold people who are letting their religion get in the way of their mind, soul and heart. It hurts to have some of my friends call me on the phone crying because they’re afraid to tell their parents they’re gay. Just because you’re religious doesn’t mean you have to hate people because of who they love. Love is love, and nothing should overcome it.

Religion is something most people cherish and take seriously. There are many religions out there in the world. That is exactly why it is a major reason we are discriminated. Some of the worst arguments were based on religion. Anti-semitism is a good example. Many of Jews were killed in the Holocaust just because they were Jews. The stereotype “all muslims are terrorists” is a big example of racial discrimination. Muslims are attacked and bullied just because of their religion. A friend of mine was spit on and called terrible names because she is Muslim. If a 12 year old girl can be terrorized, just imagine what people can do to an adult.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why we aren’t treated equally. Now that you are president, you can change the way we live and do something about inequality. I hope you take this letter into consideration and make this one of your top priorities.