Alisa Sergiienko Florida

Healthcare issue in the US

Issue that is needed to be solved in order to improve the economic problem regarding medical system in the US.

The Honorable Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

RE: Resolving economic issue for better future.

Dear, Future President

I am a resident of North Miami Beach, FL, and I am writing because there are many people who can't afford receiving the health care. Nowadays the US economic structure has a number of economic issues. Among them in one of the first places is clearly a problem of health care affordability. 

As you know, the United States medicine is really expensive. This issue has already been brought up in the debates in February of the current year, the two candidates for the Democratic nomination- Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were offered the opportunity to engage one another’s ideas for the path forward on healthcare reform.  Anyhow, despite the fact that Americans complain about the high cost of their health care, for some reason they do not really want any drastic changes. Many people around the world says that that U.S. healthcare services cost more and deliver less “value for the money” than European systems. However, most of Americans are satisfied with their medical care. But the thought of going on a free European "Universal" system of medicine, the Americans are getting frustrated. 

The idea for switching US medical system to the European should be brought up and considered as soon as possible. The main idea of this system is that it's primarily publicly funded through taxation. It could help many people becoming healthier and saving lots of money. In many families, parents neglect their own health problems in order to have money to help their children, and then it leads to even more serious and expensive in treating health issues. Also, it can help to prevent people from dying, therefore to reduce the percentage of deaths caused by the medical unaffordability. 

Thank you for considering this matter.

Sincerely, Alisa Sergiienko

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