Kristine M. Georgia


About LGBTQ+ rights and freedom

Dear future president,

The LGBTQ+ community is now getting comfortable coming out and expressing how they feel, yet some obstacles are in the way. The more we try to “normalize” the idea of LGBTQ+, the more problems arise and prevent more laws from being passed. The LGBTQ+ community should have more respect and freedom because the lack of it can cause problems, both physical and mental.

Some of the trouble starts from the government, which is now in your hands. Although it is said that we have a secular government, the main reason more LGBTQ+ laws aren’t being passed are because of religion. Their argument in not wanting the laws is because “it’s a sin” or “it’s against their religion”. Religion shouldn’t be influenced in the government decisions. It can really bring someone down to know that their own government won’t approve of them. “When you are told every day of your life that you are less than human, by your community and indeed by your government, it takes a toll. And when people who already think you're less than human get a thumbs-up on that attitude from the government that supposedly represents all of you, it reinforces those terrible attitudes, and makes people feel safer acting them out,” Greta Christina states in her book. We need to stop this injustice and a way you could solve this is to replace the biased people, people who would clearly base their decisions on their beliefs. We need a strong secular government just like promised.

Bullying is a problem that can cause mental and physical issues and many school problems. The government should pass laws to help these bullied people. In schools, they use ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ as insults. Gay teens have a higher chance to be addicted to drugs and alcohol than straight teens. They also have more chance in committing suicide. We need LGBTQ+ representation in schools so we can get kids to think differently. “You should never make fun of something that a person can’t change about themselves,” quoted by Phil Lester, we need to think like that. School and the people inside them should see that it is unfair to bully, or even bother someone from their sexual orientation. Someone’s sexual orientation shouldn’t define someone, especially because love is love, and we shouldn’t have denied that in the first place. Our government should change schools to introduce LGBTQ+ topics, greatly minimizing bullying.

Some people’s reasons to stop LGBTQ+ freedom from occurring is not always about religion. They believe our population will decrease, for if we allow this, then more couples will be man & man, woman & women, etc. opposed to man & woman. What they don’t think about are the amount of children up for adoption. They can start families with kids in need of parents.Our population wouldn’t decrease, it would, in fact, thrive. They also believe that they would be bad parents, or bad role models. It is proven that non straight parents’ children will thrive more in school and be smarter than a straight parents’ child. Look at the facts and logic, LGBTQ+ is needed to be successful.

Even though gay marriage has been legalized, there are more laws to come, more goals to accomplish, more freedom to be given. All of this can happen with your help. Future president, please give freedom like our beautiful United States of America should have, and you can start by beginning here.