Malik Georgia

School Violence

School violence needs to stop.

School Violence 

Dear future President,

The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to the high levels of school violence. Violence is the use of physical conflict on people and properties. This culture of violence has a negative impact on education and ultimately our economy. This trend has to stop!

The most significant form of violence is gun violence. For an example in Sandy Hook Elementary School, the crisis that happened was deadly shooting by a guy named Adam Lanza who shot minimum of 20 children including adult staff members and the teachers. That incident happened four years ago, It is very wrong to cause something very awful like this. People go to school to learn, and not to be threatened or killed by some stranger.

School violence is also causing the healthy environment for learning becoming lost. With all of the assault that is going on and the fact people are losing their lives by them, it’s causing major risks of lives at schools. The crime rate is high meaning that there’s would be a moderate or severe chance that there would be a unexpected rarely or even rapidly. For an example would be cyber threats, the fact that people would make threats online about shootings in school would be a rumor that kids would believe in and not show up on the day that the travesty is supposed to happen thereby affecting continuity in school program and leading to poor performance in school.

Just another reason would be the effect on our population and our economy. If lives are lost at a youthful age, then it would affect the working force needed for the growth of our economy and the strength of our military. Poor quality of education resulting from instability in our schools due to the violence affects the quality of education and our readiness to compete in the world economy. For an example the schools that have low violence tend to have a better literacy rate meaning education and standard of living meaning the population and lives than the ones that suffer from their low standards from the violence. It’s also hard to create and invest more things with their standards low.

In the light of the effects of violence in our schools overall our economy very terrible things like this. That's why as president, you should establish a solution to prevent the violences from ever happening during the future.