Shivam P. Georgia

Gun Control

Gun control is the biggest problem in the U.S. Also, the U.S. has the most mass shooting. We have to fix this problem

Dear Future President,

Gun control is big problem in all of the countries, especially in the US. In few past years, the US has had increasing most gun control. Us has shooting, and suicides just because of guns. Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are doing damage to the US and other countries.

Because of the availability of guns in the US, there are the most mass shootings here than other countries. This year, US had the most mass shooting (350 mass shooting)  because of weak security in malls, airport, and etc. We have to have stronger security in the US and other countries, especially in Middle East. We have to send soldiers to Syria, Iraq, and other countries.

Also,the US has the most guns. Some people have no licence to have guns but they still have it. In the USA there are 88 guns per 100 people. That's above average worldwide. Because of the guns in the US, there are lot of suicides in the US. In 2011 in every 100,000 in the US were victim of gun-related death. In the US if people has gun without license there will be more gun-related death.

That shows that the US has easy access to guns. Because of this, the result is that there is lot of death and mass shooting. So, we have a big problem here. Next president, please take a action on gun control in US and help other countries. Make our security stronger so they can protect the US.