Josey Iowa

Cost of Medicine

Some people can't afford the medicines they need because the price is too high.

Dear President,

   The price of some medicines is pretty high for people to afford and may not be able to buy the medicine that they need

    Hello, my name is Josey and I think something you need to fix is the price for medicine. I think this because some people can’t afford the price for most medicine depending on how bad the illness is. Some prices could be too high and not affordable for the proper cure, which might end in terrible loss. Even some people don’t buy the medicine to help them since it’s too high.

   Research shows that about $1,900 is the average costs of medicine. The most expensive prices are around $440,000. The medicine cost sometimes could increase or decrease during the years. Medicines usually increase by double of the amount of that medicine.

   We can fix this problem by making the price of medicine less expensive and more affordable for people to be able to buy their own medicine. When the price gets lowered it would be a greater chance in more people being cured faster. The cost of medicine would be decreased and people can have an easier chance to get the cure they need.


Josey N.