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Police Brutality

Police Brutality is a serious problem because police are getting away with killing people with little to no punishments. What we need to do is simply use stun gun procedures instead of pistols or just giving them a punishment like a normal citizen would receive.

Dear Future President,

I would personally like to address the situation of Police Brutality. Every week on the news there is something related to Police killing some innocent people or citizens killing Police in anger of them killing others. And you think it would have been solved with the body cameras but the only thing they are capturing is more footage of Police harassing or severely injuring innocent people. But the police officers just keep getting away with things that if a normal citizen did, that person would go to PRISON! It has been proven that Cops are indicted in less than 1% of killings, but the indictment rate for citizen is 90%! Those numbers are ridiculous! The worst thing that would happen to a police officer is they get kicked of the force.

Not only that but it seems as police are targeting certain races when it comes to these things. In the past 4 years it seems as if 4000 people have been killed by police and majority of them were colored americans. It looks like whenever a policeman sees and man or woman of color their goal is to kill. This could simply be solved by getting the police to use a stun gun instead of aiming to pull out their real gun first. That would save a lot more lives. And if it came to the situation where a police officer decides to actually shoot the citizen. Press charges against the officers who are guilty. A website even shows that about for every 1000 deaths by officers 1 or 2 may get charged or only get kicked out of the Police Department. If someone else did the samething they would get sent to Prison though. African americans make up about 12 to 13 percent of U.S population and 50% of prison population. Most of them for doing exactly what police are doing now.lice are doing now.

Now you might say that it wasn't the officers fault i would understand that clearly just because they might have been doing it because of self defense. But that does not mean that they can just shoot to kill the innocent person. There have been many cases where an officer has killed someone for pulling out their licenses when they thought that the citizen was pulling out a gun. There is no reason for the police should have to kill a person. And this has a lot to do with racial profiling or someone just misjudging someone. And they don't have to kill why cant they just injure them so they would stop in pain. It is so unesscary.

Pursuing this further you would most likely like what i think the country can do to end this nonsense of “Police Brutality”. Now my methods may seem obvious but i feel as if they could actually make strides into improving this problem. Now the first one and the most effective one is to make the police officers use their stun gun instead of their real gun or to aim for the leg or any ligament of the body that will not severely injure the person. This would stop officers from killing people while still defending themselves and getting their point across. Now if it does come to the point where a police officer happens to kill the person which they have been doing a lot for more than a decade. Get or convince the legislature to pass a bill that gets the Policeman to serve time for what he or she did. They need to serve the consequence from their actions.


Michael G